Success stories


"Definitely the best group workout sessions! The trainers are highly motivated and encouraging, which really get maximum effort from everyone. The team and members are friendly, fun and spend time getting to know you. The morning bootcamps are a fantastic way to kick off your day, I leave feeling alert and energised. I've been going 3-4 times per week since November and have already shifted 9lbs and lost almost 2 inches from my waist, so pleased with my results so far! #leanin2018"


"Avoided the gym for years, after years of working from home and moving very little, I finally made the leap, love the Bootcamp classes, with great trainers, perfect for me. Down to 12.5 stone in June 2017 from 14.7 stone since Jan 2017, so feeling great. Next goal is to start the weights. If like me you are not fit, just start with the classes, then move on."


"Don't often write reviews but wanted to spread the word. Trimnasium is a great gym. Adey and his team work really hard to make you feel welcome and get the best from both the equipment and their experience. The classes are available throughout the day and the variety of excercise is great. So if you want a friendly, flexible gym with loads a great members then Trimnasium is the place to go."


"Trimnasium is the best gym experience I've ever had. Adey has set up a great gym, with fantastic staff and excellent classes. The facilities are great, and the gym is in an incredibly convenient location. I'd recommend Trimnasium to anybody of any skill or fitness level. I've lost nearly 4 stone since I started, and I'm not looking back!"


"I first got a voucher for the classes and was hooked after about the 3rd time. Everyone is so friendly and motivating, it makes early morning classes that much easier. It's a really personal atmosphere as everyone is known by their first name and it feels like I've been part of the gym for a long time. I've seen so much progress in my fitness and overall wellbeing. I'm so grateful to have found a really great gym."


"I've been attending this gym for about a year now. Initially I signed up for PT sessions to get a personalised programme to aid in injury recovery. More recently I have been attending some of their fantastic boot camp classes. I can't rate this gym highly enough, a great facility that can cater for everyone's needs regardless of age, sex or size. All the staff are welcoming and available to offer expert advice, and in equal measure are more than happy to push you as far as needed to achieve results."