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PERSONAL TRAINING at Trimnasium - come and try the best

So its the New Year. Did you make resolutions last year and break them before January was through? You need someone to help you plan your goals and keep you on track until you get the results you crave.

We have both staff and self-employed personal trainers available to help you achieve your specific goals.



Don’t leave it any longer and in 6 months time kick yourself for not starting now…

EVERY journey begins with the right intentions and that first step along the path… Pop in or email and let us help you get started – we’ve done it for others so why not be our next success story?

We will motivate you to make the difference……Come and see why everyone is talking about personal training at Trimnasium Personal Training Gym – call us on 01242 300282 or email

Cost for personal training with Trimnasium staff:

£35 per hour. Offers available on blocks of 10+ sessions

**24 hour cancellation policy on all PT sessions booked with Trimnasium PT’s**

Self-employed Personal Trainers at Trimnasium


“…push your limits, reach maximum potential”
Hi, I’m Martin Fassett, owner of No Limit Fitness. I am a self-employed personal trainer based at Trimnasium.
I love sports, fitness and the outdoors.
I believe that by building a strong body, that has good posture, you will have greater ability to cope with everyday life, your job or whatever your sport throws at you.
I love working with committed and determined people of all abilities, helping them to achieve their goals, change their lifestyles for the better and believe that there is No Limit to what they can accomplish!
My ethos is to make every workout count, to use exercises that will give maximum benefit and keep it enjoyable.
It would be great to talk to you about how I can help you achieve your goals in a way that is convenient for you either in person or online (07827 778882 or


Hi I'm Alex, a self-employed personal trainer. 

I work with my clients at Cheltenham’s premier gym facility, Trimnasium Gym. The gym is stocked full of awesome equipment (or toys as we refer to them) to ensure personal training sessions never get repetitive and the body is challenged in various ways. We also have lots of space to utilise as the Trimnasium isn’t over stocked with standard cardio machines. So there is lots of room for our regular bootcamps.

You do not require a gym membership to train with me at Trimnasium, so costs are minimised while we look to maximise results. I can be contacted directly on 07919 407427 or via the gym reception.


Hi I'm Elliot and I am part of Hall Personal Training based at Trimnasium. I see my clients as individuals, designing bespoke nutrition and training plans; no templates from me. I was chosen by Hall's to represent them in Cheltenham due to my incredible experience, knowledge and client relationships. I can’t wait to bring healthier and happier to Cheltenham, and work with you on body composition, sports performance, weight loss, or whatever you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Contact me via Hall Training on 01865 575 295 or